Best of 2015

Happy New Year to you!

Here I am with my annual Top ____ list. I won’t even call it a Top Ten cuz no matter how hard I try I can never get it down to 10 (though I came close here)!

It was a good year – had more clients who were happy to have their pictures shared on social media and that’s so fun! Here are my favorites from 2015…


Pre-prom pictures of some girls who really thought outside the box for their photoshoot!


My boy – even though he’s getting older, he’s still my best model.


Some personal work with a new model who was a delight to work with.


A *really* new model who was such a doll!


More personal work. I love these shoots where I call the shots (ha ha ha, get it?? the PHOTOGRAPHER calls the SHOTS? I crack myself up) and can be as creative as I want…aka There Is No Wrong.


Oh my gosh, these two showed such joy on their wedding day. It was my honor to be there to capture it.


I started to enjoy landscape photography this year, especially sunsets. This was taken at Lake Champlain in Vermont.


At their 70th Anniversary party, the grand- and great-grandchildren all wanted to be part of a fun portrait with their grandparents.


This day. This foliage. This mother and son. I can’t even. *I* want this on a giant canvas on my wall!


This family was *the* most fun to photograph! We were doing a “holiday/family portrait/engagement/save the date” multi-purpose shoot!


Okay. Come on. COME ON.


These boys. Those *dimples*!!!

And that wraps up 2015. On with the new year!


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