the best laid plans, blah blah blah: the ramblings of a long island photographer

SO 9.24.14

 So, sometimes I have these visions, you know? They can be sort of elaborate. And it can take a long time, lots of effort, and SUPER amounts of LUCK to get everyone and everything in the right place at the right time. Models, makeup artists, lighting, is the sun out today? Are the leaves already changing color? Is someone gonna kick us out for tying a swing to a tree branch?? Ha. How do we even GET a swing tied to a tree branch?? And sometimes *I’M* “the fail.” Forgot to bring batteries for the wireless triggers for the off-camera flash. Forgot to bring a thing to fan the model’s hair with. Didn’t bring enough flowers. Underestimated the amount of time it would take to lug equipment deep into the woods, hang the swing, attach the flowers, get the lighting set up, yadda yadda yadda…and on this day, despite my beautiful  vision, we just ran out of time…and more importantly, LIGHT. And for all the effort and involvement of wonderful people – a darling model, a helpful Dad who climbed the tree to hang the swing, a patient and helpful friend and assistant…I got very few usable pictures because we just plain ran out of time and light. And that’s on me. Ugh.

I did this shoot almost a month ago and I was so frustrated with and disappointed in myself that I couldn’t even look at the pictures. I’d had a vision. But I finally realized I need to not look at these images as mistakes, but rather as “learning experiences.” Next time we’ll start start earlier. Next time I’ll keep the (damn) vision simpler so we can actually execute it ourselves. Next time I’ll be happy with what I DO get rather than disappointed with what I DON’T.  The pictures aren’t as I envisioned, but I still think they’re lovely. And I got some good post-processing practice (say THAT three times fast!) out of them…

SO 9.24.14 2

SO 9.24.14 5

 SO 9.24.14 4 straightened

 SO 9.24.14 6

And this next one was *really* a happy accident for me. I love the work of  Julia Margaret Cameron, a British photographer from the 1800’s. I’ve always wanted to do a Cameron-esque shoot, something like this – and without even meaning to, I think I sort of captured her style with this image, so I went with that and processed it in a vintage style…and I’m really quite pleased with it!

SO 9.24.14 3 dageurotype

So, vision be damned! Ha. I will continue to celebrate the happy accidents 🙂 (and, uh, plan better next time!).

2 thoughts on “the best laid plans, blah blah blah: the ramblings of a long island photographer

  1. You’re very hard on yourself. I actually never look at wordpress blogs – even my own, but I came across yours and was compelled to actually READ your blog because I loved the images.

    Fabulous mistakes, Honey. Fabulous!

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