Girls Who Love Horses

missy at barn 7

A few weeks back I visited my beautiful niece and her horse Beau. He has an injury right now so he’s on stall rest and hand-walking but she still visits him every day to brush and love on him.

missy at barn 3

He’s at a small private barn – just him and two ponies for company. So it’s very peaceful and it’s easy to appreciate simple things like the late afternoon light streaming in and the sound of hooves on the concrete floor.

missy at barn 4

missy at barn 5

missy at barn 6

missy at barn 2

missy at barn 8

Eventually Beau let us know he’d had enough fussing over and was ready to go back to his stall.

missy at barn 9

missy at barn 10

And then she brought out the big guns. Of cuteness, that is. The PONIES.

missy at barn 11

Can you even stand it??

missy at barn 12

missy at barn 13

 And are you ready for this? Are you sitting down?

missy at barn 14

Those EYELASHES. Could you just die????

missy at barn 15



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