She’s my birthday!

And in a rich and longstanding birthday tradition, I shall share with you my favorite pictures since my *last* birthday!

kate n bettye 9.5.13

My baby and I last year on my birthday

LR 1

Stunning Niki

1 (2)

The “anti-portrait” family Christmas portrait3pm

My boy and fairy sparkles

4 1.21.14

My favorite kids (don’t tell the kitties)

caleb snow 1.25.14

Handsomest. Boy. Ever.

janey 2.28.14

My Janey girl

caleb rice pudding snow day 2.5.14

Snow day. Nuff said.

kate 3

My baby. Or some beautiful young woman. I get confused sometimes.

6 pm

Kate and Madison the night before she moved to Florida. Sniff.

selfies w dog 1

Best selfie ever

lucy 2

Beautiful Lucy


Leaping Eleni

AH 1

Bubbly A

And now I’m off to a birthday dinner with good friends to start making memories and taking pictures for the new year!



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