Under the cherry blossom trees…

This winter was so long, and spring so late in coming, that I’ve been kind of obsessed with shooting in the flowering trees. It’s all I want to do! So I was lucky to find a lovely young lady to shoot with last week at Brooklyn Botanic Garden, in the hopes that the cherry allee would be in full bloom, BUT. It was not. We did lay claim to one graceful weeping cherry, and stayed there quite awhile, shooting around all the other people taking pictures that morning.

E. was such a good sport. It was a *really* chilly morning and we did quite a few wardrobe changes. She was so cute when I asked for a little smile and she burst out laughing! And finally we got to what *she’d* been waiting for – The Leaps! In my mind’s eye, she was going to be leaping up into the pink of the blooming cherry trees, but it was just too early in the season for that…so I took a little artistic license and added some pink fleurs to the treetops. But look at her fly! She was amazing!











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