Throwback Thursday

I used to sell vintage clothing and one of my *favorite* things to do was set up styled shoots with models in the clothes I was selling. This was well before “photography as a business” was even a catchlight (hee hee, get it?) in my eye.

This is a favorite shoot I did with this amazing pink vintage prom dress I had…a great model, and a little local beach in Islip. Five years ago this month…








I have a couple shoots coming up that I’m really looking forward to…can’t wait to share them with you!

3 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday

    • At the time I took those, I didn’t even have Photoshop. I think I was using a combination of Gimp, Picasa, and Picnik.

      I’m free tomorrow night if I’m not exhausted from my morning photoshoot in Brooklyn. What’s up tomorrow?

      PS – Welcome Home! Are the kitties happy to see you??

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