Wanted: New Model

Now that the child has abandoned me, I am not only out a daughter, I’m also out a practice model. Now comes the long search for someone whose look I like, who *gets* what I’m going for, whose personality meshes with mine…and who’s available when I need her. And oh yeah, FREE 🙂

In the meantime, it’s up to me and Caleb. Ha. Yesterday, the first truly warm day in quite a while, I. Wanted. To. Shoot. We went for a stroll in a nearby preserve…and I saw this gorgeous light coming through the trees, right in a spot w some picnic tables and I thought, hmmm…MAYYYYBEEEE.

And here is this weekend’s photographic effort. I was laughing the whole time cuz, see that body? That body does not really do “run.” I wish I’d taken a pull-back shot w the cell phone so you could see the whole set-up – how far the camera was from The Perfect Light Spot…how many challenges there were (downed pine trees, slushy snow piles, brambles), etc. So I’d set up the camera, set the timer, then dash through the obstacle course, calling Caleb to me at the same time, trying to get him to face the camera and smile…all in 10 seconds. Hoping no other strollers came around the bend while I was in the midst of this. Mayhem and silliness. But we had fun. Lots of out of focus hazy pictures…amazingly it was the first one that was spot on, focus-wise, so that’s the only one I did any processing on.

So with no further ado, for your viewing pleasure…I bring you…Selfies with The Dog

selfies w dog 1

selfies w dog 2

selfies w dog 3

selfies w dog 4

selfies w dog 5

Hey! Where’s that dog??

selfies w dog 6

Jeez. And he calls himself a model.


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