killing it

1 1.21.14

The kiddo and dog and I got to hang out a bit on Martin Luther King Day. Pre-snow! And she graciously allowed me to snap a few images of her.

To Katie, “take a picture” means press the shutter. One time. To ME, “take a picture” means “MAKE a picture,” which might take *many* clicks to get all the elements just right.

So, while photographically these are imperfect (a cut off hand, poor composition, etc), *emotionally,* I love them. Because they are a visual heart reminder to me of time we spent together,  a nice afternoon spent together in nature. And that means way more to me than knowing I used the perfect f-stop 🙂

3 1.21.14 pm

2 1.21.14

4 1.21.14 pm

Look at your favorite photographs. Are they “perfect” to you because they’re technically correct? Or because they serve as a reminder of a special time, place, memory, or loved one?


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