take a load off…

We all need a break from time to time. Even if you can’t go away on a real vacation, there are still ways to step outside the normal box of your life for a little R&R.

My favorite “get-away” is the beach, even if it’s just the local beach. Being in the beach air, listening to the crash of the surf, and bobbing and floating in the water are very relaxing to me, and really take me away from everything “real,” even if just for a little while.

Some other cheap and easy “mini-vacations” are:

1. Go to a park you’ve never been to for a little picnic. Sit on the grass. Enjoy some shade. Go for a walk.
2. Turn off your cell phone and/or internet for the afternoon (or whole day if you can stand it!).
3. Soak in the tub w a book, some music and a nice drink. Stay there for a long time. I like to nap in the tub!
4. Pretend you’re not home šŸ™‚ Stay in your jammies all day, close the curtains, don’t answer the phone or doorbell.
5. Take a day-trip by car. Find an interesting location within 100 mile radius of where you live…go and check out the main street, the parks, museums, have a little lunch or dinner…enjoy someone else’s town for the day before returning to your own.
6. Meditate. This is something I’m just learning and starting to practice now, and even though I haven’t really gotten it down yet, it still leaves me feeling like I’ve had a little “mind vacation.”

Just getting outside your normal environment or shutting yourself off from the world, even for an hour or an afternoon or a day, can leave you feeling refreshed and ready to return to real life.

What do *you* do when you need a little break??


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