Happy Birthday to ME!!!


I *LOVE* my birthday. Always have, always will. From an early age and my parents throwing little backyard parties for friends and classmates…to my teens and early-twenties when close friends and boyfriends would do things to make it special…to my daughter having surprises ready and waiting for me when I got home from work……to a sort of dry spell…daughter had left for college, I’d moved to a new location, didn’t have a “significant other” type person, family all far away…so there were a few “pity party” years…but…I have moved along…made new friends, have some lovely people in my life…a whole gaggle of children from one of the classrooms, herded in by their teachers, brought me a bunch of handmade birthday cards – LOVE them!  Too sweet. I’m feeling the love!
A *special friend* took me out for birthday dinner, which was an unexpected but so lovely surprise. Some nice Italian food and red wine over candlelight…a charming and attentive companion…it was just the right amount of romantic…it made me feel special and my *special day* acknowledged.
I took a couple pictures during the day w my cell phone of gifts and cards from work…but realized after I got home last night that I had failed to get “the money shot,” which would have been the tiramisu complete w birthday candle. At first I was disappointed, I rarely miss a shot like that, but then I thought…that really shows how good the company was, that my normal “where’s the photo opp” mind didn’t even *think* of picking up the phone for a picture!
Here’s to another year….Happy Birthday to Me. 

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