How to Survive…uhm, ENJOY the First Day Back to Work

  • Wake up half-an-hour earlier than normal and take the dog for a morning walk. Tell yourself you’ll do this every day because it’s good for the both of you. You won’t.
  • Wear something that makes you feel pretty.
  • Treat yourself to store-bought coffee and fancy pastry. It’s a splurge but you deserve it. It’s The First Day Back to Work.
  • Pretend it’s The First Day of a New Job. And everything is new and fresh and untainted with past annoyances. Be on your Best Behavior with your “new” boss and colleagues. 
  • Get the h*ll out of the building at lunchtime. Those “new” people are annoying you already (jk, New People!). 
  • Take ten minutes to meditate. Just…close your eyes and focus on your breath…and try to let everything else slip away. If things sneak in (and they will!), “label” them – “planning,” “fretting,” “expecting the worst,” etc. Be aware of what’s interrupting *your* time…and then let it go.
  • Spend the afternoon getting excited and happy about The Really Really Good Thing that you’ve planned for yourself. Yay. 
  • Don’t stay there a second longer than you have to. 
  • Hurry home to Really Really Good Thing. Enjoy IMMENSELY. 
  • Have actual dinner, not just ice cream (even with sprinkles, that’s not *really* a real meal).
  • Be a little productive. Not too much. Don’t want to burn yourself out the first day.
  • Go to bed early, noting before falling asleep, that you survived. Good for you!

(no pictures today, can you believe it?!?))

    2 thoughts on “How to Survive…uhm, ENJOY the First Day Back to Work

    1. Great Blog. I actually tried doing these steps mesterday. My only problem was that I had a hard time thinking of something really, really good to plan for myself. Pretty pathetic when you don't have anything in your life that good to look forward too. Any suggestions?

    2. Oh, Anonymous {{hugs}} to you. Believe me, I know the feeling of thinking there's nothing good to look forward to. I've had those days (and weeks, months, years). I *still* have those days, but I'm working hard to not focus on them. I *try* to just let them go by, allowing myself only the briefest of pity parties (and I can throw a DOOZY of a pity party!), and then moving along towards something…healthier. I try to be open to new things, new experiences…and in this way I sometimes find new things I enjoy…to do, to learn, to spend time with. And the more new things I find to do, the more I meet other people who enjoy the same. And I'm *not* a good "meeter." But I push myself, even when it's uncomfortable, knowing in the end I might make a new friend. And when you have a couple of interesting activities you enjoy, and a couple good friends…you've got a lot.I know it takes time. I do. What do you enjoy doing? I'd love to hear – maybe we have some things in common…or another reader might…I'm so glad you wrote, and shared your challenge. Sometimes just talking about it, getting it "out of your head," can help you feel a little better and get you un-stuck.I hope you keep reading!Bettye

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