winding down

vacation started today. at 4:01. pm. not a minute too soon.

i have ten days to do anything. to do everything.

but tonight – the first night – is about doing nothing. just letting myself wind down. quietly. peacefully.

the heat came today. steamy hazy heat. so when we got home the air conditioners went on. the fans. the blinds pulled low blocking the sun. the apartment was dark cool peaceful. the child burrowed into a nest on the sofa and went to sleep.

the only movement and light was in the kitchen. the window with no blind. the lowering evening sun coming through the leaves outside and doing shadow dances on the kitchen cabinets.

tonight is about quiet gentleness. tomorrow we’ll start doing everything.


2 thoughts on “winding down

  1. Especially when it gets so hot – I don't know what your weather is doing, but we had such a mild spring and BAM summer just hit us full force this week. It's a good time for staying a little quiet, still, and low-key. Enjoy your peaceful time, Michaela.

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