a reminder….

Valentine’s Day. I always hear people saying, “oh, Valentine’s Day is nothing more than a marketing ploy by the greeting card companies (florists, candy manufacturers, etc) to sell product.” Many people don’t “believe” in the day.
I think Valentine’s Day, like many holidays, is a a reminder. To remember something…or someone. A reminder to let those we love, like, care about, *know* that we love, like, care for them. Should we be doing that *every* day? Sure. Do we? Mmmm….maybe not as much as we could. Life gets in the way, we get busy, distracted, annoyed. So this is a day to say HEY! YOU! You love someone?? Let them know. Today. A small gift or gesture, a heartfelt letter or card, a shared activity…in some way, take a little time to make sure they KNOW you care about them, value them, appreciate them. Love them. 
It’s not too late. If you haven’t done it yet…do it NOW. 

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