the truth hurts

do you ever find you’ve been going along on sheer hope, perhaps burying your head in the sand about the truth? hope is a powerful thing. for me, anyway. more powerful than truth, I think. truth is finite. hope is infinite. you do the math.
so when the unavoidable truth comes crashing down on you once in a while, man, it’s brutal. and people say annoying things like, “I’ve always been truthful with you,” or “I’ve been honest with you from the start.” But there’s “honest,” and there’s honest with a bit of fudge factor. Honest and honest with just enough bread crumbs dropped to keep you following along with hope in your heart.
“just honest enough that you can’t accuse me of being DIShonest” is not really the same as HONEST.
truth whacked me upside the head last night and I’m still reeling a bit. i’m feeling sad and a bit numb. trying not to react…but to sit with the truth for a bit…til…I know what I should will do.
the truth hurts. but sometimes hope really SUCKS. it keeps you hanging on when maybe you shouldn’t.
tomorrow’s another day. i hope.

5 thoughts on “the truth hurts

  1. Aww, thanks Jaime. I keep sneaking back over to your blog, I adore it! I was able to talk some things over today with Mr Hope Killer (mean, but how I feel this week)…for now, I'm hanging in. Even though I shouldn't. But it makes me happier than not :-)Bettye

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