it’s all good in the hood

2½ years ago I sold my darling little house on Long Island where I’d lived for 14 years with my daughter and moved to Brooklyn. I know a lot of people don’t understand that decision, as I’m still working out on the Island and now have a 40 mile (one way) commute five days a week. But I’m loving Brooklyn and like to think I’ve got the best of both worlds now! The suburbs by day, with big box stores and tons of fast food and parking lots (ahhhh)…and at night and on the weekends I enjoy the hustle and bustle of Brooklyn, with the interesting people and places. So yesterday I was in “the country,” up north of the city, and today I was back in the hood. My life has a lot of variety, to say the least! 
I decided today to add another resolution to 2012. And it’s a hard one for me. To do more things alone. I mean, I do most everything alone as it is…but there are things I *don’t* do because I don’t want to do them by myself. And I’m missing out on things I think I would enjoy. But you know how there are some things you just feel funny doing alone? Today I was craving a really yummy breakfast. OUT. I couldn’t find anyone to go with me. I almost just went “oh well” and didn’t go. But I MADE myself go out to eat alone. Ack. It felt a little weird. But I did it. It helps having a phone you can do stuff on. So you’re not just like staring straight ahead the whole time, ha. I’ll need to learn better “I’m here by myself, deal with it” skills. But for now, I’m just happy I took this step. And I’ll keep trying to push myself to not pass things up just because I can’t get anyone to go with me. 
Is there anything you feel funny doing alone? Do you go anyway? 

4 thoughts on “it’s all good in the hood

  1. I don't like to go out to eat alone or to the movie. Last Fall I wanted to eat at the new La Madeline in a nearby town but it wasn't the kind of place my hubby would enjoy. But I did it anyway but I was very self conscious.

  2. Yay for you, CeeJay! Seriously! In the end, were you glad you went?? I always try to weigh…which will make me feel worse after – going alone or not going at all?? And I'm always sort of annoyed with myself after if I *don't* go. So. Here I go!Thanks for reading and commenting!bettye

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