what my day looked like….

I’m told it was 60 degrees today, but it was rainy and dreary and now it’s nighttime and a cold wind is coming in through the air conditioner and swirling around my legs and i’m cold. i’m tired. when i get tired i get cold. when i get cold i yawn. i’m trying to make it to the sofa where there are blankets and kitties for warming oneself, but i’m being seduced by wonderful cooking blogs. i found a posting about tea + booze = hot toddies! doesn’t that sound lovely??

I started a 365 days of photos project on flickr. I’m pretty proud of myself for making it to day 27! Obviously I’ve not been as conscientious about my blog! I will try and be better…I really have to hand it to the people who get something worthwhile written every day. Woohoo y’all!

The upside of the 365 days of photos goal is it’s making me try harder to see pictures in things. with it still getting dark early there have been many nights when I’m wandering around the apartment at 9:30 looking for something, ANYTHING to take a picture of! After you run through all the obvious things, you’ve got to start being pretty creative!


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