what I’m most thankful for…

Not a very glamorous photo for the day, but…my daughter is with me for the holiday, and last night, after doing some baking (two batches of chocolate-chip banana bread, one of which I’m going to turn into banana bread pudding with a vanilla creme anglaise, a la Pioneer Woman (ish) for dessert tonight), we were watching a movie…at one point I got up to check how the banana bread was doing, and as I returned, I saw this sight. And I realized that everything I love the most, all the things I am most thankful for, were right there in front of me.

So, a quick post today just to say Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends, family, followers, fellow bloggers, fellow photographers, and even just nice folks whose paths might cross mine…I wish you all a peaceful day filled with the joy of loved ones and pleasing comforts.



10 thoughts on “what I’m most thankful for…

  1. Thanks, Lily – good to see you here!Marion, the puffy cat on the back of the sofa is Madison the Ragdoll…I think they have some Siamese in their background…Simone, thank you :-)Carole: if I ever get this monster &*^$%# printer set-up, I *WILL* print and display it!Thanks Danni – same to you and yours. Jayne – hope you had a chance to relax and enjoy your holiday being so close to your Christmas fair!Bettye

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