Royal Wedding

Oh, I was so happy to hear today of the engagement of Prince William and
(commoner) Kate Middleton. I’m not big on much celebrity gossip, but I do love a
wedding story, and ESPECIALLY a ROYAL wedding!

And while I secretly hoped that Prince William would end up with MY
(daughter) Kate, I do think these two are a darling couple. I’m especially
pleased that he was able to give her his mother’s sapphire and diamond
engagement ring.


hee hee, silly royal wedding china (I secretly want it).

I remember in vivid detail every moment of Princess Diana and Prince Charles’
wedding. My mother and I got up in the wee hours’o’the morning and watched Every
Minute. It was…amazing and unforgettable.

Andrew & Fergie’s seemed “sweet” in comparison, but. Still.


And when all was said and done, I was happy when Charles finally married
Camilla. They belonged to together. It was a sensible wedding for a sensible
couple. I hope they’re happy.


and oh. Grace Kelly as a bride simply takes my breath away. sigh.


yes, I know. Not royalty. Really. But come on. The Kennedys are as close as we
get this side of the pond. And they were SO elegant. What a heartbreak.

I hope these two crazy kids will live happily ever after…

One thought on “Royal Wedding

  1. I soooo secretly want some wedding china. Simply because it's so tack, and I will laugh everytime I use it >.<I mean, I do live under the rule of commonwealth after all! (apparently)

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