what’s new in the shop this week…

This is my least favorite time of year at the thrift stores. They move out almost all the dresses to make way for coats. I mean, yeah, I get it, it’s winter. But someone might buy ONE coat each year…but they’ll buy MULTIPLE dresses, so it doesn’t REALLY make sense for them to allocate SO much room to coats, at the expense of dresses. Sigh. Yep, I’m a little frustrated. 

Went to two stores yesterday. Got two sweaters. NICE sweaters – a mint bulky real irish fisherman knit turtleneck sweater…and a 70s mustard gold loose knit serious batwing, cowl neck sweater. But still – two stores, TWO THINGS?? That’s like crazy.

Okay, but on the bright side? I have a big bag of M&Ms. So. You know. It’s all good.

Here’s what’s up at auction in the shop this week…click on any photo for more information and to bid.



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