flickr faves friday, part, uhm, 3. i think.

Night and day

Ozlem haluk



cradle me, i'll cradle you (explored)

Laura marie scott


~ cozy brown ~

Tant C

If you want to play along with Flickr Faves Friday, post a link at Amanda Thomas’ blog Here Comes the Sun and then post your five flickr faves of the week on your own blog. It’s fun to see everyone’s favorites…and a lot of the time *you’ll* find a new fave on someone else’s page.

I’m glad the week is over…all in all, not a terrible week:

  • One of Dragonfly’s Etsy floral dresses was featured on this cute blog, Days Days Days, in a Color Chaos Days post – I feel quite honored to be in good company – Thanks!
  • I didn’t blow up when the gas stove went on the fritz
  • The landlady got the naughty gas stove fixed Right Away
  • It finally got truly cooler and crisp. I love cool and crisp. 
Maybe that’s it. The week always seems better in review. 

Tomorrow the ex and I are driving upstate to visit The Child at college for Parents Weekend. We only stay the one day. It’s lovely to ride in the car all day and not be the one who has to drive. I just get to look out the window, read, and nap. It’s like a little mini vacation. Oh yeah, and I get to see my daughter. Bonus  🙂 

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!

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