flickr faves friday…


(rachael bae)


(evelyn campitelli)



(bird ghosts)

If you want to play along with Flickr Faves Friday, post a link at Amanda Thomas’ blog Here Comes the Sun and then post your five flickr faves of the week on your own blog. It’s fun to see everyone’s favorites…and a lot of the time *you’ll* find a new fave on someone else’s page.

So, yay, it’s Friday. Caleb (the 12-hershey-bar-eating-dog) survived and is now just WIRED. Tomorrow he goes to the groomer – I’ll post his pic after cuz he always looks SO handsome after his bath and light trim. 

Tonight is the first really cold night. Cold and windy. I’ve shut all the windows and am wondering where all my cozy sweaters are. Still packed and in the basement I guess. I’ve felt like a vagabond for so long now! I just haven’t figured out how to get all my stuff around me without feeling claustrophobic!

I’ll be posting some new vintage dresses in the shop later tonight….

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