back to business….finally

I’ve been sick again the past few days…but I managed to squeeze in a little Dragonfly shop photo shoot over the weekend. I worked with one of my fave models that I’ve shot with a couple times since moving to Brooklyn – Shelbi. She’s very sweet and lives nearby. Isn’t she just angelic?? She sort of reminds me of Alexis Bledell – Rory from Gilmore Girls. 

I’m not done setting up “The Studio” (aka The Office, aka The Dining Room!) yet. I still need to get supports mounted on the wall so I can hang background supports – for either my grey paper or fabric. I’ve been looking for some cheap (or preferably free!) indian looking rugs to put on the floor for autumn and winter. One of the runway shows in 2009 used a variety of smaller Indian rugs hanging as the background and it was quite lovely, but I would guess they have a little bigger budget than I do! 

In the meantime, I close the tall double doors between The Studio and The Bedroom, and use the doors as a backdrop. It’s not ideal as all those lines are hard to keep straight in the heat of shooting and the paint on the doors is pretty reflective so I get sort of a glare off the doors on the side nearer the light. As with most things, it’s a work in progress. But it was fun to shoot with Shelbi again and I’ll finally have some new auctions up in the shop starting this Friday night. Yay.


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