do you feel lucky??

sometimes you’ve just got to ask yourself…do you feel lucky? well? do ya??

Bride To Be Photo! (made into "Robert Gordon " cupcake magnets & trinkett box!)

cuz if you do, here are some giveaways hosted by various blogs around the interwebs that you might be able to win this week!

Vintage Red Graflex Camera from Polli – how cute is that?? The perfect fall accessory…

Just in time for Halloween, a Spooky bunting from Sew Home Grown

and a hauntingly lovely movie poster from the new Kazuo Ishiguro movie, Never Let Me Go (which I cannot wait to see!) – from Confessions of a Bookworm

I’m feeling lucky myself, because the model for this afternoon’s photo shoot hasn’t canceled. Yet. Got my fingers crossed!

3 thoughts on “do you feel lucky??

  1. This is such a good question! Although sometimes I wish I didn't do so many things, take on so much (blog, photography, school, etc.) I do feel lucky that I have found what I love to do. And even though I've sort of known all my life, when I talk to people who don't know what they want out of life, I feel lucky that I do. And I must add that you are quite lucky for having a reliable model 😉

  2. Yes, I was lucky to have a model show. She was very cute and very sweet. But it was very late in the afternoon on a grey day and we were shooting in the woods…so I have a lot of blurry photos as my shutter speed was slow to capture the light, boo! I'm sure I'll be able to salvage something in post-processing, but I was pretty unhappy with myself for not adjusting the plan to a spot better suited to the weather and light. live and learn.

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