new auctions this week…

There are some new auctions up in the shop this week – they’re ending Thursday night. And as always, there are plenty of Buy It Now items to choose from!

Click on each picture for more information and to place your bid!

80s vintage PINK stripe WRAP jumpsuit ROMPER new wave

80s vintage FLORAL mcclintock DREAMY garden TEA DRESS

SWEET pink chiffon PEEK-A-BOO LACE rosebud DOLLY dress

80s vintage PINK GREEN tropical floral SLOUCH jumpsuit



Thanks for looking!

Best Part of My Day: Not exactly sure. Went back to the urologist…sonogram showed no kidney stones, but still some swelling and blood in the urine, indicating there were still stones. He thinks maybe I’ve passed the largest (5 mm) one without realizing it, and just the smaller ones are left. So, an inconclusive visit. We’ll do “watchful waiting.” Which I find “annoying.” But at least the big stone that seemed to be causing the pain, looks to be gone.

Worst Part of My Day: Accidentally deleting the boss’ ENTIRE email inbox – this is mail back to
January 2010! I don’t even really know how it happened. I was sick to my stomach. In the end, for a fee, the IT guy was able to retrieve everything that had been there as of 10 pm last night, so….phew.

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