get this look

Sorry for the uninspired title, but hey, it’s early…and I’ve been a little out of it this week (see below). I have a lot of catching up to do!

I really didn’t intend for it to be Coco Rocha week here on the blog, but…I just saw this super cute picture of herself in this darling vintage jumpsuit (click photo for source and event info)

and realized how similar a look it was to something I have right now in the shop…(click photo for availability and more information)

Best Part of My Day: It’s only 7:14 am but today is the day I will be glued to the computer for the Livestream of the IFB (see below) conference – and at this moment, I’m in No Pain (ditto).

Worst Part of My Day: The fact that I am sitting here at my computer instead of heading into the city to the Independent Fashion Blogger’s “Evolving Influence” Conference and Party – the one gift I gave myself for my birthday – because of stupid and cruel kidney stones which have been wreaking havoc on my insides since Monday…trip to the emergency room and everything (NEVER a good time). The excruciating pain can appear and ramp up VERY quickly…you *really* don’t want to be far from home when it hits, so…sadly, I opted not to go  😦  

Maybe next time.

DEFINITELY next time.


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