summer’s end drawing near

It’s only mid-august, yet summer feels like it’s starting to end already. I think it really shot its load in june and july this year, and now there’s just not that much heat left to blast at us. There’s a coolness in the mornings when I walk the dog, and again in the evenings when we sit out on the stoop. The days may be hot, but you know there will be some relief in just a few hours. The trees are dry from so little rain, that leaves are browning and falling to the sidewalk below, as if to say autumn is coming soon…

I think of August as the “quiet” summer month. More people are away on vacation, the novelty of summer has worn off. It’s peaceful…

I don’t have links to these photos, but I believe they’re all originally from flickr from these users: 1) dorellana, 2) elle photography, 3) mademoiselle granny, 4) shelbi dimond, 5) tamara lichtenstein, 6) yvette inuffio


9 thoughts on “summer’s end drawing near

  1. Gorgeous photos! I'm a dragonfly lover and have many photos of them on my blog. You are welcome to use one as long as you give me credit. They tend to pose for me and lite on my feet and fingers. LOL! I love your blog. Blessings!

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