i was lost but now i’m found….

whoa, it’s been a lonnnnng time since I’ve posted! I moved again…so had to do the whole packing unpacking thing again…plus about ten days of no internet (or tv), and even worse, NO AIR CONDITIONING, until just YESTERDAY. I’ve been melting All Summer. It’s been an experience. The new hood WAY different than where I was before…a pretty big adjustment, but…it’s working out. And I’m in LOVE with the new apartment. It’s bigger, prettier…bigger. CHEAPER. closer to work, closer to the city. It’ll be *very* fun to do photo shoots around here.

but i just wanted to check in…I’m starting to ramp up again with the vintage clothing sales…preparing now for a big photo shoot next weekend, I can’t wait!

in the meantime, I saw this cute little video today, and wanted to share it…

tricia will go places

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