haunting beauty

When I lived back on Long Island there was this one thrift store I’d go to every week in search of vintage goodies for the shop. There was one cashier who would always say, “oh! you got this dress before me!” or “how come I never saw that?!” She was adorable and it was clear we had the same taste in vintage clothing, and we started chatting. In time we discovered a shared love of photography as well. We exchanged flickr profiles and I was in awe of her work.

She moved away shortly after and I never heard from her again, but I’ve continued to follow her hauntingly beautiful work on flickr.

alison scarpulla

5 thoughts on “haunting beauty

  1. This girl used some old Russian camera…I could look it up, but it was like Smegna or something like that. And a polaroid, but when she told me what she was paying for film (before The Impossible Project happened), I knew it would be a long time before I shot anything w a Polaroid!

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