a look back at 2009

this was a pretty momentous year for me…i cleaned out my home of 14 years, selling off inventory, furniture, books…to get ready to move; I had some awesome photo shoots; took some new favorite photographs; my daughter went to her senior prom (how can that BE, when she’s just a BABY??); she graduated from high school (!!!); I sold the house; explored and found an apartment in Brooklyn; moved out of our home; took The Child to college…and finally, just had our first Christmas in Brooklyn.

I will say…it was a difficult year. A lot of change, a lot of uncertainty, not everything went as planned…but it was exciting, and now I’m poised to do fabulous things in the new year! Now that I’m finally feeling settled in the new place, I can start undertaking some of my plans for the business…I have access to TONS of great models being in Brooklyn, so I’m excited to do a LOT more photo shoots…I’m planning a trip to (be still my heart!) Paris with my sister and cousins and I can hardly wait!

I feel 2010 will be a good year. Let’s make it so.

Happy New Year!

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